EcoGardening was created in 1995 by ecologist Boyd Smith. Taking eco from ecology, recognizing the relationships between organisms, and combining that with gardening, which is to tend to the earth. Inspired by the philosophical and physical examples of the Native American seven generations, Fukuoka, Martin Luther King Jr., the Dali Lama, and the sustainability of ancient ecosystems. EcoGardening is a company, practice, and philosophy of considering the relationships between all of an ecologies organisms within our design development, management, manufacturing, mitigation, regulatory compliance, and social interactions. We understand that the human-race is  the most dominant organism in the worlds ecologies. The relationships between the human-races ecologies, and each other, need to be positive to be sustainable.
    For more than two decades, beyond the thousands of acres, dollars, and clients we've worked with, the most important work we have done is to use our privately funded research, and resources, to support Nonprofit organizations, create award-winning K-12 lesson plans, lecture at State Universities, and promote social and environmental consciousness.
    Our current private research, while perpetually rooted in agriculture, is taking us around the world to famous people businesses  and places, into social, political, and economic situations to study and consult on sustainable ecology economy, and humanity issues. Soon we will be using to share our journey in the Chronicles of a Sustainable Environment.